My name is Bryce. I am a vegetarian, I like writing, being funny, and I just happen to be gay.
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     Melody’s Echo Chamber - Shirim (new single)

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  • Every morning I get bad anxiety about work but after I’m here for like 20 min I feel fine

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    You’re about to be parks and wrecked

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    This is important

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  • LWT   10.5.2014
    Columbus Day: How is this still a thing?

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    restaurant: sorry we stop serving at 8

    me: honey i never stop serving


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    omg yes

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    'even though I haven't seen you in years yours is the funeral I would fly to from anywhere'

    this song has some of the best lyrics ever.  Like that sentence just contains so much backstory in so few words

    really reminds me how i feel about one of my best friends who i havent been on speaking terms with in years but i still feel like we both think we’re best friends despite it all

    actually this whole why? record is incredible

  • T H E  I N Q U I S I T O R

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